Computer Vision is currently hyped as a technology that will change the world and the possibilities for its application in the future are huge. At present, the technology is used by the few and it isn’t widespread. All too frequently interested companies see costs, competencies and uncertainty as impassable barriers.

We want to help you find the benefits of the technology by offering practical and affordable solutions that utilize our competencies to solve your challenge. We clarify the process, the price and the technology so that Computer Vision solutions can be used widely and create value for more companies.

The values that guide our way
of doing business

We want to create value for our customers through long-term cooperation.
Our strategy to achieve this is creating quality AI-products at competitive prices.
We are driven by challenging existing solutions, to create new and better ways of doing things. Se our cases here.

Developing New Standards To Merge
The Latest Scientific Theory With Real-Life Problems

At present, most solutions in the field are based on the methodologies that come from scientific research. When there is unnecessarily high complexity in the Machine Vision products, it will be reflected in either slower or less precise products, as well as an unnecessarily complex process.

In our products, the Machine Learning architecture is adapted to the customer’s problem, which ensures the value in use is optimal; we are not constrained by any predefined way of solving your problem.