Computer Vision – From Idea to Product

We have a wide and diverse experience in creating Computer Vision solutions. The experience we have gives us a competitive advantage.
We have high quality combined with low production time.

We are especially proud of the lead time in our production meaning products are finished in weeks rather than months/years.

Our cases are presented in overview below and we also link to additional information.

*Many of our project has been build with a non-disclosure agreement and can therefore not be shown here.


A foaling-alarm that use video to interpret when foaling is imminent and when foaling has actually started.
The solution is embedded on a Raspberry Pie and are delivered with a camera.

Human Detection

A project where we focused on maximizing the performance of human detection while being restricted by the capabilities of a Raspberry Pi. The performance needed to be high enough to make difference analytics like tracking e.g.

Your Project

We can create the Computer Vision solution that you want. We offer to help with the whole process or just the part you find challenging.

The solution can be embedded into hardware or cloud driven.