Maximizing The Performance Of Human Detection On Raspberry Pi With Intel Neural Stick 2.

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Intel Neural Stich & Raspberry Pi

Why Use Human Detection on Raspberry Pi?

Human Detection has a wide application potential by itself or as part in a more complex solution. This could be surveillance, tracking and much more.

When embedding the solution into a Raspberry Pi, we create a whole new set of possibilities independent of the cloud while offering maximum data protection and low cost.

We stretch the capabilities of embedded performance with this solution.

How Does Human Detection Work?

To enable human detection on a Raspberry Pie we have customized the architecture to maximize performance.

The solutions have an Intel Neural Stick 2 connected to boost the performance. This has given the setup accuracy and speed that enables not only detection but also tracking (and more).

Object Detection

Where Is It Implemented?

  The product has not been implemented into any solution yet, but have been a necessity to understand the capabilities of an embedded solution with the state of the art customised architecture and hardware.

We use the experience when consulting about the possibilities, potential and limits of edge computing.